Prenuptial Agreement: A Way to Recover from a Post Marriage Catastrophe

Marriage is a strong institution. However, considering the fragility of relationships among the millennials, divorces and separations are common. Often it is seen that some couples get married within a short period just after a few meetups. And no wonder, the marriage becomes a stunt for a brief foray.

Other cases like infidelity, cheating, impotency, physical abuse, etc. also attribute in separation. Understanding the adversity, millennials are opting for prenuptial agreement with the guidance of family lawyers Oakville.

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Understanding Prenuptial Agreement:

Prenuptial agreement, also known as prenup, is a contract inked by the would-be couples which include details regarding property division and spousal support post-divorce. It is a definite way to secure individuals’ lives after separation. This is because divorces are taxing. The phase emotionally and physically drains a person to the core.

Family lawyers Oakville have encountered multiple cases where divorce cases took the worst turn based on asset division. The idea of this unique agreement is to do away with the financial issues that tend to crop up as soon as a couple files a divorce case.

If marriage is on your cards in the near future, you should stay abreast of this agreement to figure out every aspect of finance if things don’t fall in the right place.

Things to Expect:

  • A Fair Agreement is a Priority

In order to get a fair agreement, you and your partner should fully disclose your assets. Make sure to hire one of the best Family lawyers Oakville to get the estimated net worth. Moreover, you and you should always opt for separate lawyers for this process.

  • Written Agreement is Legitimate

Secondly, the agreement should be well-documented with records. The verbal deal holds no value in this sort of contract. During this process, set the term of alimony.


  • Separate Documentation of Property

Signing a prenup prior to marriage will give you the freedom to walk away with your assets. Unlike in the case of divorce, you don’t need to battle in court to get your inherited property. With separate documentation, this is an added advantage for both parties.

  • Special Arrangements if Required

This agreement will also give you the flexibility to add any special clauses to avoid any future discrepancies. For instance, you can make agreements on the assets which you may acquire post marriage.

  • Reduction in Cost of Divorce

The time period of a divorce case is directly proportional to the cost. So, the more complicated the case, the higher the expense will be. At times, both parties may face a cash crunch while fighting the legal battle. In order to avoid all these conundrums, the prenup is a feasible solution.

  • Preassignment to Debt

This will also give you the advantage of being debt-free post-divorce. To break it up, if your would-be is entitled to a debt prior to marriage, after separation repaying the debt won’t be your responsibility.

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Final Thought

Many couples often shy away from getting a prenup as they think it may put a shade on the marriage even before it’s done. Unfortunately, they seem to be the worst sufferers as per the statistics given by estimable family lawyers Oakville.

So, secure your and your spouse’s future by signing this agreement. This is certainly not an exit strategy because if something is meant to happen, it will!

Employee Saved from Harassment at Hands of Co-worker Working Under another Employer

Recently as reported by the employment lawyers in Toronto as well as the Canada Supreme Court, any co-worker who is working for a different employer can be charged under workplace harassment.

This decision was taken against the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal v Schrenk, 2017 SCC 62, after an inconsistent case was brought to court.

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The Case Explained

An engineer working for Omega Associates Engineering Ltd. by the name of Mohammadreza Sheikzadeh-Mashgoul (“MSM”) was working under a road project where the person in question was charged with overseeing the employees working under “Clemas Contracting Ltd. (“Clemas”).

These employees were working under construction projects and were allegedly reputed to have abused Mohammadreza Sheikzadeh-Mashgoul. As per the reports of the victim’s employment lawyers in Toronto, MSM who is a Muslim emigrated from Iran was threatened by Schrenk who commented that he might have plans to blow up the country.

He was further abused by Schrenk who commented on his sexual orientation and insulted him. Further, reports by the victim’s employment lawyers in Toronto claims that he was even insulted verbally. The company working under him labeled him as a “fucking Muslim piece of shit.”

This led to Mohammadreza Sheikzadeh-Mashgoul launching a full-fledged complaint against Schrenk to both Omega and Clemas. This led to the latter terminating the employment of Schrenk while removing him from the project altogether.

Further, MSM also filed another complaint against both Clemas and Schrenk to the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal. This led to the perpetrators arguing that the British Columbia Human Rights Code only saved the employees that were discriminated under designated workplace employers.

To counter this, the Canadian Supreme Court ruled out the “Code” altogether and mentioned that form this time onwards any co-worker who is discriminated by any working superior can file a complaint via an employment lawyers in Toronto.

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This means anyone who is a superior or acting superior belonging to another company if when charged with employee harassment can be held accountable.

In fact, the employer of the charged employee will also be questioned and held accountable in case, any of his employee’s attack, harasses or oppress another neighboring employee.

This shows Canadian supervision to ensure a harassment-free working ambiance.

Now, if you to suffer from any sort of unnecessary harassment as the one faced by Mohammadreza Sheikzadeh-Mashgoul, don’t suffer without the knowledge and immediately consult your neighboring employment lawyer Toronto.

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Just ensure to pick the right lawyer from among the rest, who is well versed with the changing Canadian employment laws. To pick the best one opt for website testimonials, and ask the following questions:

  • How long have you worked as an employment lawyer?
  • What is your experience in dealing with cases like yours?
  • What are the legal options available for your case?
  • Can there be alternatives to going to court?
  • What are the possible outcomes of a case like yours?
  • Does the lawyer in question have good testimonials?

Well, with these questions and tips you can easily select the best of the Canadian employment lawyers like Soni Law Firm and save yourself from workplace harassment. For more info click here!

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