Canada’s Immigration Levels Plan – The 2022 Canadian Immigration Target

Canada’s immigration levels plan

As of January 2019, the government of Canada has set out its plans to increase immigration in the years to come. Currently, Canada welcomes over 430,000 immigrants per year. The government says high immigration levels are beneficial to the country’s economy and its citizens, as well as helping refugees and reuniting families. However, there are concerns about the impact of these increased levels of immigration on the country’s demographics and its economy. For better understanding, you can also get in touch with immigration lawyers toronto.

Express Entry targets

Express Entry has become the most popular pathway for skilled workers to immigrate to Canada. In 2022, it aims to admit 56,000 new immigrants, or about 13 percent of the total number of applicants. But it’s not all good news. Canada has also reduced its Express Entry admissions for this year, by half compared to 2021. But the numbers will bounce back to normal in 2023 and beyond.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

The Province of British Columbia has set a goal of reaching its Canadian immigration target by 2022, and has recently started inviting people to apply for its immigrant nomination program. The province has invited applicants to participate in four separate draws, each identifying 363 applicants for the first round. The next round targets 64 individuals. To be eligible for a nomination, an applicant must work in an occupation NOC 0621 or 0631.

Family class

The Canadian government is focusing its immigration policy on retaining talent in the country, increasing refugee and asylum seeker immigration, and supporting global crises. As an example, Canada is attempting to increase the number of refugees it will resettle by more than 76,545 people by 2022. The government is also focusing on increasing family reunification immigration, which includes sponsorship of spouses, children, parents, grandparents, and other members of a family unit. This new plan aims to admit over 105,000 newcomers through family class immigration pathways, an increase of almost 24% over the previous year.

Refugee intake

The Government of Canada has outlined its immigration targets for the years 2022 and 2023. Under the Express Entry program, 56% of new immigrants will enter Canada through economic channels, while the temporary to permanent residence (TR2PR) stream will receive just over a third of those applications. IRCC has lowered its Express Entry draw numbers for this year but plans to return them to normal levels in 2024. However, the number of applicants to the Express Entry program will remain low as many people will seek asylum outside Canada.

The Advantages of Hiring an Expert Toronto Immigration Lawyer

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The Migration Process is quite Complicated

If you’re dealing with an immigration problem, a qualified professional will have the know-how on dealing with the matter.

Migration rules are tricky and several countries have different rules that may not be easy for common man’s understanding.

The immigration process can be challenging as well as confusing for some individuals, specifically those which do not understand the language of the country they’re attempting to relocate to. A skilled lawyer will direct you through each step of the process, address your issues, and also assist you accomplish your immigration objectives. He’ll provide you with practical solutions to your troubles.

Simple Mistakes Can be disastrous

The procedure involved in the process includes a lot of paperwork. Your immigration attorney will assist you in preparing these and will arrange it as per the requirement. Every step will be under his scrutiny and this way there won’t be a mistake. A reasonable lawyer won’t charge too much and these services will be of extreme significance to you.

Immigration Lawyer follow industry news

Immigration lawyers are extremely informed and also educated. They remain on top of the current developments and have been educated to handle the requirements of the market. Don’t make the error of handling your legal concerns by yourself. Migration cases are extremely intricate as well as federal government firms will not have the ability to help you. You can check here for more info on Canadian Immigration!

Hiring An Immigration Lawyer: Here’s What You Should Know

Applying for the Canadian immigration scheme is a job that involves patience and requires a certain level of attention . You need to fill many forms and document and you also need to attend an interview. The whole process takes time and you may not be able to divert ample level of attention for this task. Nevertheless, should you hire the best Toronto immigration lawyer that is good, you will benefit from the fact that you are in the hands of a professional.

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There are times when you may be busy with other duties and at times like these it is helpful to have the guidance of the lawyer. Many people have tried to work on the process without aide and have made mistakes while doing so. This isn’t worth the risk and it would seem fair to seek an expert’s advice for such a sensitive matter.

Should you choose to employ an attorney, you need to find the ones that you can afford and the people who you feel you have a decent connection with.

These experts can help you with the process at all stages and can even show you a couple of ways to hasten your application process. Once you sign up with them, your workload reduces and you need to merely provide these lawyers with the documents needed. Meanwhile what you must do is to find a reliable lawyer. Enquire with your friends and family. Look for customer feedback and testimonials to understand the level of services offered by the lawyer.

It helps to know the history and success rate of the lawyer in the past. You are handing over a very important task to him and you would like to know that you r interests are being safeguarded.

Once you’ve shortlisted a few options, question them about costs. Inquire about their chosen payment practices and just how you will be billed by them. Be sure you question them about extra costs-such as courier costs as well as when you may charge for telephonic discussions. For more information, check this link.